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Ash and Rosewood Coffee Table

The Design.

This coffee table was designed and hand crafted by furniture designer Hannah Avery. This table is brand new. It has not been used, and was not a display piece. It is straight from the workshop of Hannah Avery Furniture. The table is made of solid ash and rosewood. There is no manufactured board in this item. The glass is toughened and polished all round.


The Detailing.

The ash used for this table has strong olive patterning on it. The grain in olive ash is much darker and pronounced than normal ash and particularly attractive. It often has a stronger patina and rippled effect than normal ash. The top of this table is edged with solid rosewood to highlight the unusual construction of the top.


The Table Measurements

height 16" inches (410mm) by width 27" inches (698mm) by depth 27" inches (698mm)

hannah avery furniture signiture



Please bear in mind this is a heavy piece of furniture due to the solid 1 ¼ inch top and 2 ¾ inch thick legs. For this reason the top is fully detachable, it simply lifts off. Also the glass can be lifted out for ease of cleaning.


The Pricing.

£ 599 .00

(this price does not include postage and packaging)

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